“Bottom line is, even if you see them coming, you're not ready for the big moments. No one asks for their life to change, not really. But it does.
So, what are we, helpless? Puppets? Nah. The big moments are gonna come, you can't help that. It's what you do afterwards that counts. That's
when you find out who you are." - Joss Whedon

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hi FSA Members and Friends,

This post is a replica (with some minor changes for our area) of a posting from the National FSA Blog at: http://familiessupportingadoption.blogspot.com/2010/11/urgent-call-to-action.html

I am forwarding an email I received from Steve Sunday and NCFA about a need for phone calls and emails (not letters in this case) to our Representatives (not Senators) in the United States House of Representatives urging him or her to help pass some federal legislation that would help kids from Haiti and other international adoptees in the process of obtaining citizenship here in the United States.

The NCFA email is kind of long and uses the legal language of the legislation. I am attaching some links that simplify the issues.

http://www.gop.gov/bill/111/2/hr5283 (go to the BACKGROUND Section)

http://www.adoptionpolicy.org/ (This article says the bill will go to the President and we hope so, but the bill may be "tabled" before it gets there, thereby preventing it from becoming law.)

So, take a second and call or email. For example, in Utah call or email your representative who is one of the following:

Rob Bishop 202.225.0453 (website www.robbishop.house.gov)
Jason Chafetz 202.225.7751 (website www.chafetz.house.gov)
Jim Matheson 202.225.3011 (website www.matheson.house.gov)

In Washington State, go to this link to find the Rep in your area: http://www.leg.wa.gov/House/Pages/MembersByDistrict.aspx

For Alaska, find your rep here: http://house.legis.state.ak.us/

(For example, I just called Congressman Chaftez's office and let the secretary know I was in support of helping expedite international adoptions, especially those from Haiti at this time, and would urge the Congressman to pay attention to this bill.)

To find contact information for your Representative simply go to www.house.gov and enter in your zip code (plus the additional 4 numbers) in the top left corner. Your Representative's information will show up.

Here's a sample email that you may use:

I am in support of helping expedite international adoptions, especially those from Haiti at this time, and would urge the Congressman to pay attention to this bill.

International Adoption Simplification Act – S. 1376 and the Help Haiti Act of 2010 – HR 5283

Thank for all you do!

Let's spread the word! Thank you for your help! I am available to take questions sent to myutahlawyer@gmail.com.

Michelle Mitchell
FSA National, Legislation

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A Special Thank You to All of Our Amazingly Generous Regional Conference Donors!!!

Anna at: The Bellevue Collection, Bellevue Square, Bellevue Place and Lincoln Square.
Natalie at: Koolmono Japanese Inspired Fashion (koolmono.etsy.com), koolmono@gmail.com
Kim & Kris at: The DIY Dish (www.theDIYdish.com)
Carrie at: Carrie Stroud Photography (carriestroudphotography.com)
Wilton & Kristi at: Chandler Farm (www.chandlerfarm.com)
Jason at: Professional Cable ( www.professionalcable.com)
Carly at: Rory Unraveled (www.etsy.com/shop/Rory unraveled), roryunraveled@gmail.com
Amy at: Mod Podge Rocks (www.modpodgerocksblog.com)
Chelsea at: Pink Fig Design (www.pinkfigdesign.blogspot.com)
Kim & Kris at: You Can Make This (www.YouCanMakeThis.com)
Pat at: Pat’s Passion (www.pats passion.etsy.com), patspassion09@aol.com
Kelly at: 1313 Designs (www.etsy.com/shop/1313designs), 1313Designs@gmail.com
Carolyn at: Skinny Cami (www.skinnycami.biz)
Aaron at: Art by Aaron Trulson (www.artrulson.com)
Bekah at: Bekah Jennings Etsy Shop (www.bekahjennings.etsy.com)
Robin at: Sew Crazee’s Place (www.etsy.com/shop/sewcrazee)
Angie at: Bear River Photo Greetings (www.photogreetings.etsy.com)
Colleen at: The Busy Bean (www.thebusybean.com)
Angelene at: Scentsy Independent Consultant (sundryscents.scentsy.us )
Stampin Up at: (www.stampinup.com)
Tricia at: Trillustrations (www.zazzle.com/trennea), tricia-rennea@sbcglobal.net
Mandy at: Little Birdies Secrets (www.littlebirdiesecrets.com)
Kelly at: Garrett & Grace Boutique (www.garrettandgraceboutique.com)
Linda at: Lake Washington Dermatology (lakewashingtondermatology.com)
Marie at: MaluQuilts (www.malouquilts.com)
Laura at: Say It On The Wall (www.sayitonthewall.com)
Kristi at: BUGABOO Jewelry (www.bugaboojewelry.etsy.com), bugaboo jewelry@gmail.com
Travis at: Art by Travis Knight (www.emanioart.com)
Parent Profiles, The Rhouse Couture, Julianna Mortensen, Rebecca Harrison, Jason Moody, Jennie Proby, The Carr Family, The Trulson Family, Andrea Nelson and Family.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kid's Fest

KIDS’ FEST An Adoption Party
Saturday, November 6, 2010
1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Franklin Elementary School
1402 S. Lawrence, Tacoma

Sponsored by: Alaskan Copper & Brass Company and Alaskan Copper Works
Produced by: Northwest Adoption Exchange, 206-441-6822, www.nwae.org

What is “Kids’ Fest”?

It’s a safe, festive adoption party where legally free children waiting in state foster care for adoption and eligible-to-adopt parents (couples and single folks!) can get acquainted.

Under the auspices of the State of Washington, Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS), Kids’ Fest has been an annual event in Seattle since 1987. We, at the Northwest Adoption Exchange, have been planning and managing Kids’ Fest under the corporate sponsorship of Alaskan Copper & Brass Company and Alaskan Copper Works. NWAE celebrates over 20 years of hosting Kids’ Fest.

How did adoption parties get started?

Using a festive party setting to help facilitate adoptions of children needing permanent homes came about at the end of World War II. It was a primary means of finding adoptive families in the United States for the many foreign children orphaned during that terrible conflict.

What’s their purpose now?

There are tens of thousands of legally free kids in our country waiting in state foster care for adoption. The vast majority of the children have suffered abuse, neglect, and parental alcohol and drug abuse in their birth families.

An adoption party brings together folks wanting to adopt, social workers representing families and children, and the children themselves.

For additional information email Larissa Peay at:peayld@ldsmail.net

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Comments from the National Counsel for Adoption Regarding Haiti

NCFA is pleased to release Adoption Advocate No. 28, "Examining Intercountry Adoption After the Earthquake in Haiti."

With this horrible tragedy almost one year behind us, this Advocate summarizes and evaluates the United States' response to the earthquake in Haiti. Adoption Advocate No. 28 also examines reactions to the event and presents lessons learned, as well as recommendations for continued U.S. support in meeting the needs of children adopted from Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.


Chuck Johnson
President and CEO of NCFA

Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Adoption Opportunity

Washington Families--

Brandon 2 years old, needs a foster to adopt placement.

Child Summary: Brandon presents as happy, healthy, and well-fed. He was born 10 weeks prematurely to his 15-year-old mother and suffered a Grade 3 brain bleed, causing him to be at increased risk for medical and developmental delays. Brandon remained in the same excellent, loving and highly skilled foster home from his discharge from the hospital until his placement in a pre-adopt home in New York a year ago. He has received not only every needed therapy, he has also received many preventive therapies and interventions, resulting in his having made tremendous gains. Due to concerns about another child in the pre-adopt home, Brandon’s ICPC approval was rescinded two weeks prior to finalization of his adoption and he has now returned to Washington.

Brandon has bonded wonderfully with his pre-adopt mother and his pre-adopt brothers. He will look at his mother and call her “mama.” He loves to receive hugs and kisses from his pre-adopt family and will eagerly give them in return. Brandon’s pre-adopt mother reports that Brandon loves to laugh and clap his hands when he is happy. He also loves to listen to music and will even dance around to the music. The ICPC worker describes how he “high 5’s” him when he visits the home.

Brandon is able to sit, stand, crawl and walk normally. He plays with toys and feeds himself. Per an evaluation in February 2010, Brandon is not legally blind but is a child with hydrocephalus that uses his head to move his eyes to get his eyes to connect with what he is supposed to see. His vision difficulties did affect his abilities in most areas; for example, he could not use utensils and ate with his hands. Brandon is now able to use a fork on his own. His pre-adopt mother is working on teaching Brandon how to use a spoon. He does a great at the dinner table and has learned appropriate manners.

His diagnoses are plagiocephaly (flat head); Prematurity; intraventricular hemorrhage grade III (the brain bleed at birth); cortical vision impairment (the visual systems of the brain do not consistently understand or interpret what the eyes see); and r/s apnea of Prematurity. A cyst on his brain was treated surgically in October 2008 to release the pressure which was causing Brandon to bang his head. A surgery in March 2010 inserted a shunt. Prior to the shunt surgery, Brandon was having difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. He would frequently bang his head against his crib due to having headaches which were due to the increase amount of pressure on his brain. He is now sleeping much better during the night and no longer bangs his head.

Since he had the shunt inserted, Brandon is able to focus his eyes better and his pupils are no longer dilated. Thankfully Brandon is very much a sighted child which is great news. A swallow test in February 2010 found that Brandon no longer has difficulty swallowing and is able to eat and drink normally. He was taken off a thickening agent and has slimmed down nicely!

Brandon’s parents will need to accept and love him unconditionally no matter what levels of development he is eventually able to achieve. His parents will need to be prepared to continue ongoing monitoring of his brain cyst and to maintain therapeutic interventions including speech therapy and occupational therapy. His family will need to be located close to pediatric specialists. He does well with other children and they enjoy him!

If you would like to submit your study, please email it to me, along with a little info on your family and your location.


Christy Obie-Barrett
A Family For Every Child
Heart Gallery
Executive Director
541-954-9626 cell
541-343-2856 Office
541-343-2866 fax
880 Beltline Road
Springfield, OR 97477

Also, when I am unavailable you may call my assistant Bethany @ 541-343-2856, she will be able to help as well. info@afamilyforeverychild.org

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

North West Regional Conference

This is a perfect opportunity, not only to meet other families in the adoption world, but also to get your education hours required for placement.  If you come both days you will recieve all your hours!  More information, including how to register can be viewed on the Regional Conference Tab. If you are interested in helping out on the Conference Committe please contact Julianna at julianna_mortensen@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

FSA Conference Registration Available Now!!

Ready to register for the FSA Regional Conference? Register before October 15th for special early bird pricing. Here is the link: https://www.123signup.com/event?id=mhrdx

A National Counsel for Adoption Webinar for Parents and Adoption Professionals

RISK AND PROMISE: The Brain, Biology, and the Adopted Child
A Webinar for Parents and Adoption Professionals

Due to high popularity, NCFA is pleased to once again offer RISK AND PROMISE: The Brain, Biology, and the Adopted Child, presented by Dr. Ira Chasnoff, MD. This 2-hour, Hague-compliant webinar is based on the published work by Dr. Chasnoff, RISK AND PROMISE, a handbook for parents and adoption professionals on adopting a child from another country. NCFA is offering two hours of CEU accredited by The Catholic University of America, School of Social Work, upon completion of this valuable webinar.

NCFA encourages adoption professionals and parents considering adoption to take advantage of this second opportunity learn about the health and emotional risks for internationally adopted children as well as how to minimize unexpected challenges related to Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Reactive Attachment Disorder. This additional offering also provides a unique opportunity for adoption agencies to invite prospective adoptive parents considering intercountry adoption as well as adoption professionals who missed the first RISK AND PROMISE webinar to register and learn about Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS), Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD), and growth charting for observing the prospective adopted child.

This RISK AND PROMISE webinar is designed to enlighten, not frighten, participants about the risks associated with intercountry adoption. Adoption professionals are encouraged to register prospective adoptive parents interested in intercountry adoption and those currently active in the intercountry adoption process.

With many incorrect assumptions on risks associated with intercountry adoption, NCFA is pleased to showcase one of the leading published medical experts on this issue. As part of this presentation, all participants will receive a PDF entitled, “Guidelines for Evaluating Growth,” as adapted by Dr. Chasnoff.

When: Friday, October 15th, 1:30-3:30pm, Eastern Standard Time (12:30-2:30pm Central Standard Time, 11:30-1:30pm Mountain Time, 10:30-12:30pm Pacific Coast Time)

Fee: $45.00 for non-NCFA Members, $38.00 for NCFA Members with affiliation code reference number

Click here and register today!

About the Lead Presenter
Dr. Ira Chasnoff, MD is the President of Children's Research Triangle, a not-for-profit organization that works with high-risk children and their families. He is one of the nation's leading researchers in the field of child development and the effects of alcohol and drug use on the newborn infant and child. He is the author of eight critically acclaimed books that explore how biological and environmental factors impact the development of substance-exposed children. In 2002, Dr. Chasnoff's organization was selected by the Center for Disease Control as one of the five national centers for research into innovative treatment for children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

“I believe that given all the media attention to what can go wrong in an intercountry adoption, we may be creating more fear and apprehension than is necessary. There are steps and measures that every parent and adoption professional can take to help mitigate some health related risks. However, just as there are hidden risks for biological birth parents, there are associated risks with children who are adopted that cannot be completely or accurately predicted. My lifelong work has been to create a reasonable framework for parents to work within.” - Dr. Chasnoff

Moderated by Chuck Johnson, President and CEO, National Council For Adoption

When: Friday, October 15th, 1:30-3:30pm, Eastern Standard Time (12:30-2:30pm Central Standard Time, 11:30-1:30pm Mountain Time, 10:30-12:30pm Pacific Coast Time)

Fee: $45.00 for non NCFA Members, $38.00 for NCFA Members with affiliation code reference number

Registration is now open!

For more information, please e-mail webinars@adoptioncouncil.org.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Need a Hotel for the Conference?

Tawny and Ryan have 3 hotels lined up, and each of them have tentatively set aside 10 rooms for us (so there are 30 available rooms total). Whatever rooms aren't reserved by the deadline specified will be made available to the public at the regular price. Guests making reservations should call the hotel of their choice and reference the "Families Supporting Adoption Conference." (Our special rates are not available for reservations made online.)

Each of the hotels are quite close to the conference location. (For those flying in, Best Western has a complimentary shuttle that runs to and from the airport and also within a 5-mile radius of the hotel. Other amenities for each may be found via the websites.)

Extended Stay America Hotel Seattle--Federal Way
1400 South 320th Street
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 946-0553
$61.74 per night, deadline to make a reservation is Friday, October 22nd.

Best Western Evergreen Inn & Suites

32124 25th Avenue South
Federal Way, WA 98003-6014
(253) 529-4000
$79.00 per night, deadline to make a reservation is Friday, October 22nd.

Econo Lodge Federal Way
1505 South 328th Street
Federal Way, WA 98003
(253) 838-7700
$49.99 per night, deadline to make a reservation is Friday, October 29th.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Regional Conference Class Options

Wondering what type of classes will be offered at the Regional Conference on November 5th and 6th? We thought so! Below is a list of the classes so that you can start thinking about which ones will benefit you the most. For additional information about the conference, be sure to visit the "Regional Conference" tab which is located on the top left of this blog. (Just FYI, sessions 1-4 will be on Friday the 5th and sessions 5-8 will be held on Saturday the 6th). See you there!

Breakout Session 1
• Playing Through the Struggles
• Creating an Adoption Profile
• Birthmother Grief (for birthmothers)
• Special Needs Adoption

Breakout Session 2
• Networking: Making Your Adoption Happen
• Foster Care
• Bonding With Your Child Through Physical Interaction
• Discussing Adoption With Your Children (for birthmothers)

Session 3 is a birthparent panel (and because everyone wants to attend, there will be no breakout options).

Breakout Session 4
• Dealing With Infertility
• Attachment and Bonding
• Birthmother Support Group and Prep for Mix and Mingle

Breakout Session 5
• Communication in Relationships
• Birthmother Support Group
• Discussing Adoption With Your Children (for Adoptive Families)
• Speed Class Session - Birthmother gifts / ICPC / Birthmother scams / High School Power Point / What to bring?

Breakout Session 6
• Discipline and Effective parenting
• Art Therapy for Grief and Loss
• Being an Adoption Advocate
• Marking the Box - Education by pediatricians on health defects you might face

Breakout Session 7
• Bringing Baby Home - Part 1 of 2
• Optimal Birth Parenting (for Birthmothers)
• Learning to Love Your Birthmother - Adoptive Couple Panel
• Marking the Box - Education by pediatricians on health defects you might face

Breakout Session 8
• Bringing Baby Home - Part 2 of 2
• Trans-racial Adoption
• Being a Birthmother Peer Counselor (for Birthmothers)
• Legal Aspects of Adoption

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Regional Conference

As we get more details regarding the Regional Conference in Federal Way on November 5th and 6th, they will be posted on the Regional Conference Page. This page can be accessed by clicking on the link on the top left entitled "Regional Conference".

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Making School Assigments More Adoption Friendly Article

The National Counsel for Adoption has posted a great article titled, "Back to School, A Guide to Making Schools and School Assignments More Adoption-Friendly" by Christine Mitchell. It gives some great suggestions for working with schools and teachers on making family related assignments more accommodating for various family types. It also includes alternatives to typical family tree assignments such as "The Rooted Family Tree", "The Family Wheel Diagram", and "The Family Houses Diagram". It is a quick easy to read article, that makes the reader think about how to support adopted children with school assignments that they may find challenging. It can be viewed at the following link: https://www.adoptioncouncil.org/images/stories/NCFA_ADOPTION_ADVOCATE_NO27.pdf

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day Camp Out

If you weren't able to make it to our Labor Day Camp Out at Zions, you really missed out on a fun weekend! The food was delish and the weather was PERFECT. Fun was had by all, and we really missed you! Hope you can make it next time! Here is a recap of some of the fun we had!  Thanks to everyone who came and shared their holiday with us!
Chef, Cassie Willis, making the BEST blueberry pancakes EVER to go with the scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon and strawberries... YUMMMMM!
The Cornwall family joined us even though their birth mom was in labor, good luck with the new baby!
The Gerry Family had a rough night fighting a leaking air mattress, but they sure had fun in the water!
After moving their campsite away from the latrine, the Peay Family was able to enjoy their weekend. So much so that they chose to stay an extra night!
The Willis Family helped keep the fire going all weekend long with some serious "BONZ-EYE" wood chopping skills!
Who says you can't craft while camping?  Julianna and Cassie sure gave it their best effort!
Dylan and Kingston discovered that the best part of FSA is meeting new friends!
Dylan and Camden sure made a splash as they practiced their cherry bombs off the deck.
The Cox Family held nothing back in experiencing all that Zions camp had to offer. 
The Willis Family swinging the day away. It's a sabbath activity if it is done as a family, right?
The Mortensen Family playing around in the tree house.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

National Council for Adoption

I was just informed about a wonderful website for adoption advocates called the National Council for Adoption. 

"Founded in 1980, the National Council For Adoption (NCFA) is an adoption advocacy nonprofit that promotes a culture of adoption through education, research, and legislative action.

Our areas of focus are infant adoption, adoption out of foster care, and intercountry adoption. Passionately committed to the belief that every child deserves a nurturing, permanent family, we serve children, birthparents, adoptive families, adoption agencies, U.S. and foreign governments, policymakers, media, and the general public as the authoritative voice for adoption."

I encourage you to take a minute and look it over, it has some valuable information, statistics and connections to the adoption world.  Hope you enjoy!  http://www.adoptioncouncil.org/

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Raindrops of the Heart - By Cassie A. Grzesik

Raindrops of the Heart

Before I knew how to write this poem I grew inside my mom
I knew she loved me every moment - yet, something was very wrong
I sensed her unspoken sadness when her heart would beat at night
I didn’t know just what it was, but I knew that it wasn’t right

I grew and grew and grew inside as my mother cared for me
I heard her talk of “making a choice, picking a family”
One day I listened very closely to what was being said
I heard a word like “birth-mom,” and that my mom and dad weren’t wed

I decided to pay attention, so much going on out there
Different people were talking, families kneeling down in prayer
Mom assured me that she loved me but the question of what was right
Seemed to consume her every thought, she wrestled with it day and night

I knew my mother wasn’t sleeping but I had to get some rest
I awoke to the sound of raindrops as mother held me to her breast
And when I looked around me, I saw the light in my mother’s eyes
Her voice whispered safety and comfort, her touch so gentle and kind

She cuddled me so softly as I took in my new way of life
I felt the love only mother could give, love paid at a very high price
Lots of people kissed me (oh, yes, I must have been quite a site)
Aunts and uncles and grandmas, too…all cuddled and held me tight

I then remembered the soft sounds of the raindrops of the heart
I knew a change was coming…that my mother and I would part
The night was full of stories and the dreams that she wished for me
She told me love is forever, another mommy’d meet my needs

She held me close and I wondered if some day I could love like her
Show her how grateful I really am for the pains she chose to endure
Then the room filled with giant raindrops and hearts were pounding so fast
My mother held me so tightly…into another’s arms I was passed…

Now I’m in a new home with a brother who kisses my cheeks
He holds my hand and loves me, his kisses so gentle and sweet
My mommy now, she tells me, of how our family came to be
About mommy, daddy, and brother and my mother who placed me

Yes, the raindrops of the heart make the most beautiful rainbows, too
I have the two loveliest mommies ever, a circle of love that’s true
And yes I hear another heartbeat that is beating close to mine
Not the mother I was born to but a mother with the same shine
She smells a little different; she too, cuddles me to her breast
I feel safe in these new arms and so I close my eyes to rest

I dream soundly of my first days and the songs that my mother sang
The comfort in her loving arms, a love that will never change
I’m grateful for the choice she made and I promise to live my life
The very best that I know how…as I honor her sacrifice

By Cassie A. Grzesik
Inspired By: Robin Grzesik and Kenzie Nicole

Welcome Back!

Well, it has been a week since I got back from the National Conference in Utah, and let me just tell you that it was AMAZING!  They had so much great information there.  Tawnia, Tara, Pam, Megan and I had a wonderful time gathering ideas for our Regional Conference this fall!  It is going to knock your socks off people!!!  (BTW-It will be held on November 5th and 6th, 2010 right here in Federal Way, WA -- save the date!)

So one of the reasons this post has taken me so long to write is because I am having a hard time narrowing down EVERYTHING I got from national conference into something that will fit into one post!   So, I have decided to do a couple of posts.  One for each of the topics that I wanted to bring back and share with my WONDERFUL Western Washington FSA Chapter!  I am only one person and could only attend a small handful of the PLETHORA of classes and panels that were offered, but what I learned is something I would like to share with all of you.  Hopefully you will take a minute to read over the main ideas that I took from the classes and ponder them yourselves.  Ask yourself how it might relate to you!  But before I get to all that I have big news! 

I would like to CONGRATULATE Tawnia Singleton - our Adoption Manager, and Tara Larson - our part-time adoption worker.  They were recognized at the Chair's breakfast for all their hard work putting together the high school presentation and the education courses they offer monthly at the office.   For their amazing efforts on behalf of adoption they received an Outstanding Service Award!  Congratulations Tawnia and Tara and thank you for all you do!
Todd and Rebecca, Tawnia and Tara, Carrie and Derek
Our Regional Chairs, Rebecca and Todd Harrison, and the Oregon Chapter Chairs, Derek and Carrie C., also received recognition for their hard work and time they put into pulling off last years Regional Conference in Portland.  They too received an Outstanding Service Award for all they do for adoption. Congratulations Rebecca, Todd, Derek and Carrie and thank you!

For more information on everything you misses at National Conference please visit the National blog at:
http://www.familiessupportingadoption.blogspot.com/  Mark your calendars for next years National Conference: July 29th and 30th, 2011 at the Davis Center in Layton Utah.  I promise you that you will NOT regret going!

Coping with Infertility - National Conference Course

In order to survive we have to change - Oprah

Change what we Think:
• Remember that we are Children of God and that He loves us
• We are not defined by our infertility
• We can do great things - Positive Affirmations

Change what we Say:
• Say positive things to those around you
• Don't let your Infertility be the focus of your conversation
• Advocate

Change what we Do:
• Have a passion other than your infertility
• Loose yourself in the service of others
• Allow yourself a day to grieve
• Sanctify yourself

Why FSA - National Conference course

No matter where you fit into adoption... FSA needs YOU! We're all in this together.

What is FSA?
• Stands for Families Supporting Adoption
• FSA is the largest adoption support organization in the country
• FSA works closely with LDS Family Services to offer continuing education and social opportunities as a means of building and strengthening families and to offer outreach in the community and promote positive adoption education and legislation
• FSA includes Adoptive Couples, Birthparents and Birth families, Adoptees, Adoption Professionals and others who have in some way been touched by adoption

What does membership in Families Supporting Adoption REALLY mean?
• Network of friends with a similar bond - Adoption.
• You get out what you put in, and then some.

Who is FSA for?
• Adoptive Couples and families
• Birth parents / families
• Children
• Anyone who has been touched by adoption

What does FSA have to offer?
• Activities
• Mentors for adoptive couples
• Service opportunities in the local chapter
• Support
   -Online group discussions
   -Outreach presentations at schools and in the community
• FSA blogs and websites
• Opportunities to share your adoption story

When should you get involved with FSA?
• Now! Everyone can help support adoption, even for just a few minutes each month!
• Upcoming activities / events

Why should you get involved with FSA?
• Greater understanding of adoption
• Relationships for couples and children
• Spirit of Adoption
• Instant network of experienced couples in a similar situation
• Giving Back
• Getting involved helps you get more out of your adoption experience

Opportunities with FSA?
• Education
• Mentoring
• Activities
• Calling Tree
• Historian
• Outreach
• Legislative
• Web Moderator
• Membership / Records
• Media

How can you get involved?
• Email your chapter Chair
• Contact your case worker
   -Tawnia Singleton singletonta@ldsfamilyservices.org

Being an Adoption Advocate - National Conference course

You can advocate here or there, you can advocate anywhere!

What does it mean to be an adoption advocate?
• dispelling myths and clarifying misconceptions
• opening your mouth
• helping people use correct terminology
• sharing your passion for and testimony of adoption
• educating
• increasing awareness of the adoption option

Even 'busy' people can advocate for adoption
• everyone is busy, but everyone has time to be an adoption advocate
• the key is not to prioritize what's on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities. - Stephen Covey
• "have i done any good in the world today?"

Anyone can advocate - no matter how much time you have.
• Anything you do - no matter how big or small - is better than nothing
• these are things you can do with or without FSA
• these are things you can do in your won community and neighborhood
• these are things you can do by yourself or with a group of your friends

What are some things you can do to be an adoption advocate?
• small amount of time
   -share your love and testimony of and spiritual experience with adoption
   -get involved in FSA - there are varying levels of involvement
   -keep adoption info in your wallet/purse to distribute when prompted
   -talk about adoption/pass out materials to family and friends, other adoptive couples or advocates, your hairdresser or barber.
   -if you already have a blog add a list of couples who are hoping to adopt, link to their profiles and link to the national FSA blog.
   -put on adoption spin on the way you answer your questions in church as well as in the lessons and talks you prepare.
   -wear adoption paraphernalia and give as gifts
• medium amount of time
   -Talk about adoption / pass out materials to neighbors, work colleagues, bishops, RS presidents, YSA reps and teenagers you know.
   -if you already have a blog research adoption articles, link to them with your reaction or summary or interview adoption professionals, members of the triad.
   -Add to adoption discussions on social networking sites and blogs: http://www.adoptionblogs.com/http://www.adoptionvoices.com/, myspace.com, facebook.com, youtube.com
   -car ad - drive around an adoption message or url on your back window.
   -get involved in FSA's school and church outreach programs
• large amount of time
   -talk about adoption/ pass out materials to doctors and nurses at hospitals, attorneys, dentists, planned parenthood, abortion clinics, pregnancy resource centers, rape recovery centers, JHS / HS principals, health teachers and counselors, women's counseling centers at colleges, podcasters, newspapers, women's health clinics, women's shelters, women's rehab centers, prisons, hospital staff and social workers, dept. of human services offices, WIC clinics, student clinics at colleges and universities
   -start a personal blog or adoption blog to talk about adoption/infertility and adoption issues/research
   -help with or volunteer to start a blog for your FSA chapter
   -make a video about adoption and post it online
   -ask to be a guest writer/blogger/interview on popular blogs, podcasts and print media
   -ask popular bloggers, podcasters, journalists, newspapers in your area to advocate for adoption on their site with a featured article.
   -adoption yard sale to benefit friends and family who may be adopting. Provide info on adoption and ask the press to cover it.
   -walk in your city's parade carrying FSA banner and wearing Orange: Orange you glad you chose adoption?
   -mass empty stroller walk
   -birth mothers day walk
   -art gallery display where local art gallery exhibit couples seeking to adopt by displaying artistic expressions of adoption, infertility, family...
   -library display in November for national adoption awareness month. Use school libraries and have adoption stats posted.
   -5K or other race with adoption T-shirts
  -bake sale and sell recipe books

Brainstorm more ideas
• what are things you've done that have worked well
• where do you need help
• what is keeping you from being an adoption advocate

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Can't Attend the National Conference?

Hopefully you are considering taking the drive (or short flight) to Utah for the National FSA Conference July 30th -31st. But, just in case you can't make it there, don't miss the keynote speaker.

Former BYU Cougar, 2001 Heisman Trophy Candidate, current BYU Coach ...and Adoptive Father, BRANDON DOMAN will be this year's keynote speaker. You won't want to miss it!

Even if you are not able to attend the conference, we still want to include you! Brandon Doman's Saturday morning keynote address will be live streamed on the Internet from 9:30 to 10:40 a.m MST.

The Internet video will be about a minute or two behind the live event from the Davis Conference Center.

The link for the stream is: http://stream.lds.org/2222-123456

Or you can go to this link for the original post on the National FSA Blog:

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Labor Day Camping Details

Are you free Labor Day weekend?  Do you love to camp? If you answered yes to these questions PLEASE come join us at the church owned ZIONS campground in Belfair for a SUPER fun weekend! Here are the Details...

When: Friday September 3rd through Monday September 6th
Who is invited: All adoptive applicants and families.  Birth parents are having their own retreat at ZIONS the following weekend.
Cost: It is only $5 a person per night and kids under 3 are free.  This includes a campsite for your family and dinner for the FSA Dinner and presentation friday night.  The rest of the weekend you will be incharge of your own food.  There is running water (flushing toilets, wash sinks and showers) however showers cost 50 cents each and can be bought at check in. 
What is there to do: Everything at ZIONS is free, and here is a list of fun things they have to do...
-canoeing, paddle boats and row boats
-swimming in the lake
-large field for sports
-HUGE tree house, and play equiptment including a ROPE swing and obsticle course
-fishing (no licence required, just bring your own tackle box)
-archery and horse shoes
-nature walks
RSVP deadline:  I have reserved 8 tent sites and need to let them know by August 1st if we are using them all or not with out being penalized.  So if you want to come you MUST contact me (julianna_mortensen@yahoo.com) AND pay me (put a check in the mail made to Julianna Mortensen) before August 1st.  If I do not have your money I won't save your spot.
Additional information:
-When you email me I will put a packet of rules and directions and other information in the mail to you and remind you about the payment.  I will call and check with you by July 25th if I haven't heard back from you.  In this packet there are some forms I need you to sign and bring with you to turn in at check in. 
-Friday night we will be having an FSA sponsered Dinner, camp fire and education presentation that will count towards your education credit.  The rest of the weekend, no matter how long you want to stay, will be yours to do as you please.
-The camp sites are all located together so while they are private for your family our FSA group will be together for easy socializing. 
-There is a walmart no more then 30 minutes away incase you forget something or run out of ice.
-Befair does have a branch that meets sunday morning, if you are staying over sunday and would like more information on that just ask when you check in.  All lake activities are closed for the Sabath as well as the office.
-You get one arm load of firewood a day for free.  Each additional arm load does cost a small amount, but you are welcome to bring your own wood as well.
-If you have any further questions just ask!

Monday, June 21, 2010

FSA National Conference Information

  • The Conference will be held at the Davis Conference Center in Layton Utah on Friday July 30, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM and on Saturday, July 31, 2010 from 9:00 AM to 4:45 PM.
  •  The cost of the conference is $35 per person.
  • Please contact the Hilton Garden Inn for lodging information. Use the Group/Convention Code located in the "Lodging" tab of the registration link.
  • This year we will have a myriad of classes for anyone interested in adoption.
  • Birth Father, Adoption Triad, Adult Adoptee, Adoptive Couple, Transracial Adoption, Ask a Birth Parent and Birth Parent panels will he held throughout the conference and have been a favorite of attendees for years.
  • Are you new to adoption? No problem! We will have classes on Drug/Alcohol Impacts in Children, Infertility-Spiritual/Gospel Insights, Understanding Birth Parents, Adoption Law, What Birth Parents Wished Adoptive Couples Knew, and FSA-Who, What, Where, When and How.
  • Are you looking for more resources and information on transracial adoption? We've got you covered there too. Classes will be held on Latent Racism & Racism & Racial Socialization and an overview of transracial adoption. We will also have the opportunity to view and discuss the film Living on the Fault Line.
  • We will also have classes on parenting available to attendees. Classes are scheduled to include topics such as Communicating/Talking About Adoption With Older Children, Openness, Communication Between Adoptive & Birth Families, The Power of Positive Parenting, Ages and Stages and Unequal Adoption Relationships.
  • We will also have information and classes available on Foster Care, Special Needs Adoption, Children Available for Adoption, Creating Profiles, Intercountry Adoption, Gifts for Birth Parents and Adoption Advocacy.
  • The FSA National Conference is not just for Adoptive Couples, Adoptive Parents and Hopeful Adoptive Couples. There is an entire track of classes devoted to Birth Parents and Birth Families.
  • For more information about the servce project that will be happening, the classes offered for Birth Families and to REGISTER visit the National FSA blog: http://www.familiessupportingadoption.blogspot.com/
Several of our members are attending so please post if YOU are one of them!!!  We hope to see you there!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer Picnic

Please join us at Liberty Park (1101 BRONSON WAY N, Renton WA),
Saturday July 10th from 12:30 - 4:00pm for our
Bring your family, chairs and a picnic lunch and lets socialize and meet the new
FSA board as well as the new Adoption Team at our LDSFS Renton Office. 
We will have all sorts of fun games set up, such as badminton, bocci ball, kick ball, and Frisbee.  There is a great play structure for the kids to play so we are all sure to have a great time! 

From I-405 North:
Take Exit 2 (Renton/Rainier Ave.) Head North on Rainier Avenue to South 3rd and take a right. Continue on 3rd and take a left on Mill Avenue South. Continue on Mill and veer to the right, which is Bronson Way. City of Renton Library is on your right.
Liberty Park is directly after the library.

From I-405 South:
Take Exit 4 (Renton/Enumclaw). Stay in the lane marked Bronson Way/City Center. The road will veer to the right, which is Bronson Way.
Liberty Park is located on the left.

Park Amenities:
•Lighted basketball courts and tennis practice wall
•Three lighted tennis courts
•Picnic areas and shelter
•Play equipment
•Tables and benches
•Restroom facilities
•Cedar River Trail access

Friday, June 18, 2010

Regional Conference Committee

Every year FSA puts on a regional conference.  This fall it is our chapter's turn to host it.  We are looking for volunteers to be on the conference committee and help bring this event to pass.  The committee will be lead by a few of our chapter's board members and will be meeting via phone conference each Sunday night at 8:30pm.  Our first meeting, however, will be held in person at the Renton LDSFS office on Thursday July 1st at 7:00pm.  If you are interested in helping out please join us!  We will be outlining the conference and get the ball rolling, there is a lot to do and we need all the help we can get!!!  For more information please contact Julianna at 360-464-5887.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's Your vote?

We are having a picnic in the park on July 10th from 12:30 - 4pm.  There will be all sorts of games, mingling and fun to be had, so pack your family a picnic and come meet your new board members!!!

There is only one small problem... what park should we meet at?  What is your vote?  The only guidelines is that it needs to be in the Renton/Bellevue area so that it is centrally located for all of our members.  Here are a few suggestions:


Leave your suggestion in the comments section and I will pick one next week!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Grief Groups by Tara

The following has been posted on the support page, but I wanted to be sure everyone saw it, so here it is. 

Unresolved grief can affect the relationship between adoptive parents and birth mothers, but more importantly can also affect the relationship between adoptive parents and their child. For those of you who might still be working through feelings of grief surrounding infertility, miscarriage, or the loss of a child we want to provide you with the resources you need. As a result we would like to start a monthly grief support group. The group would meet on the first Thursday of each month at 7 p.m. The decision to hold the group will be based on need. So if you are interested in such a group please RSVP to the Renton office.

Grief group has been added to our monthly calendar and is a WONDERFUL resource that is being offered to you at no charge. If you are uncomfortable with a group like setting feel free to make mention and arrange a private session.

Education Opportunity - Guest Speaker

Dear adoption friends,

I'm so pleased to be able to invite you to an adoption event Saturday June 5 from 3:00 - 4:30. There will be a guest speaker who will be showing a brief presentation:  "Across the Adoption Spectrum / Insights from Adoptees and their Families" in Renton. Here's some information:

Across the Adoption Spectrum / Insights from Adoptees and their Families

Presenter: Teresa Kelleher (adoptive mom, teacher, author of several adoption-specific language sets and a new book, "Snowflakes, a Flurry of Adoption Stories by, for and about Children and Teens" -- more info below)

Who is invited?
All who have connections to and interest in foster care and/or adoption. Appropriate for pre- and post-adoption parents and teens, as well as those who wish to support them in the adoption journey (prospective foster/adoptive parents, adopted teens and young adults and their parents, agencies, counselors, and teachers, etc.).

What? adoption presentation (basic information about adoption, a few statistics about orphanage "graduates" and those who have "aged out" of foster care, question & answer about adoption topics (any/all topics of interest to the group can be addressed), insights from young adoptees on their experiences before, during, and after adoption. The presenter will also make signed copies of her books available for purchase.

When? Saturday June 5, 2010  from 3:00 - 4:30 p.m.

Where? The Renton Office: 220 South Third Place Renton WA

I hope you'll accept this invitation. Please invite your families, staff, and any/all who are friends of foster care and adoption.  A meaningful adoption education experience is guaranteed.  This will count as 1 1/2 hours towards your required 10 hours of adoption education!

Snowflakes, a Flurry of Adoption Stories by, for and about children and teens. 200+ stories of adoption, many submitted by kids ages 8 - 19. Perfect for families before, during and after adoption to learn what to expect. Viewpoints from the perspective of children and teens as well as their families. Powerful information: the happy, the sad, the challenging, and the delightful!Unique. Honest. Sensitive. Beautiful. A precious keepsake for adoptees and their families.

Snowflakes, a Flurry of Adoption Stories was reviewed in the June 2010 issue of Adoptive Families magazine:

“Adopted children, ...and family members share their points of view on adoption, family, and relationships in this satisfying collection of essays. The book is divided into four sections: stories by young adoptees; teens’ stories; stories for new and prospective parents; and stories from families who successfully adopted older children and children with special needs. Children of all ages, adopted domestically and from abroad, as infants and as older kids, share a range of experiences, from meeting new siblings to missing birth family.

The adoptees’ points of view—the soul of Snowflakes—offer glimpses of lives before, during, and after adoption. The stories they tell, and the advice they offer, resonate...[adoption] themes are most powerful when they are expressed by children.”
                ~ Judith Frist, Adoptive Families magazine (June 2010)

Available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and on my web site: http://Worknotes.com/AZ/AdoptingFromRussia/Kelleher
Questions? tk.pacifica@gmail.com

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Calendar posted

I have posted a calendar of events on the Upcoming Events and Calendar page so check it out.  Mark your calendars for the events that your family needs or wants to attend and watch for more details to be posted as they get closer.  We, as an FSA, are offering monthly opportunities for Adoption Education and both social and emotional support.  We hope that you will take advantage of these opportunities as often as you are able! We promise that the more you involve yourself with FSA the easier the journey of adoption will be.  We look forward to seeing you at these events!

Wonderful Article

A Birth mother member of our FSA passed this article on to me and I wanted to pass it on to all of you. I have added it to the sidebar for easy future access. I hope you enjoy!

Raina Kelley
Birth Moms Deserve Our Respect
Why all the conversations about adoption leave out a key player.
May 20, 2010

When I gave birth to my son two years ago, I was stunned by the depth of my feelings—not the love, I expected that. It was the sense that the life of this baby was now more important than my own. I would fight a mountain lion or step in front of a truck to protect him. I would even, if I had to, send him to my parents to live, if my husband and I could no longer provide the best care for him. That doesn't make me special—it just means I'm a mother, same as hundreds of millions of other women. No matter whether it's staying home, going to work, raising their kids alone or choosing to leave their children in order to provide for them, there is nothing most of us would not do to ensure our childrens' safety. And, for some Moms, giving their children the best chance at a good life means making the most excruciating sacrifice of all: placing them up for adoption.

We hear a lot about adoption, but usually only when things go wrong or a celebrity is involved. We talk plenty about the kids themselves and the selfless families taking them in—whether they're fictional scenarios like the adoption storyline on Glee, or all-too-real news footage from Haiti, Ethiopia, or China. But our culture still seems to show so little respect and support for the women who choose adoption in the face of an unexpected pregnancy. Rarely do we focus, in a positive way, on the birth mothers, aside from picking the most relevant stereotyped assumptions: "Pregnant teen, crack addict, prostitute, trash, etc."

For the better part of the 20th century, adoption was seen as exploitative and cruel to birth mothers. Since single motherhood and abortion were not readily accepted options, women and girls were often forced by their families into hasty marriages or hustled into homes where their babies were taken without their informed consent. But now adoption has come out of hiding—indeed, both domestic and international adoptions have become increasingly common. One would think that women or teenage girls would be able to explore this option free of the guilt and shame. But as Amy Benfer wrote last month at Salon.com when discussing the reaction to notable on-screen pregnancies: "By the end of 2008, you could be forgiven for believing there was absolutely no way to portray a young unmarried woman who happened to be pregnant in a responsible manner: Juno was too smart, funny and likable; Katherine Heigl in 'Knocked Up' was too pretty and too happy; the Gloucester girls were too poor and too dumb; Jamie Lynn Spears was too rich and too dumb; Bristol Palin was too privileged and too Republican. When MTV came out with '16 and Pregnant' in the summer of 2009, it was more of the same: the girls were too trashy or too popular; bad mothers for dropping out of school, or unrealistic role models for other, less privileged girls, should they continue with school."

For Elizabeth Bartholet, professor of law and faculty director of the Child Advocacy Program at the Harvard Law School, society's distrust of birth mothers reveals our enduring bias for biological families. "It is very deeply ingrained in our society that all kids belong where they came from, it's unnatural to give them up. So we stigmatize surrendering the child ... but most young unmarried women who give birth are not in a good position to raise their child. What if we allowed people to think it's also natural to give their children to somebody else to raise?" Don't believe that we're so biased against birth moms? Do a little thought experiment with me—imagine it's the 2008 presidential race all over again. What do you think the response would have been if Bristol Palin had announced she was having her baby but placing it for adoption? Something tells me she wouldn't have been hailed as a real-life Juno but as a selfish promiscuous tart who doesn't care about her baby.

To me, it also indicates a strain of our culture that is not yet ready to accept that a mother's love might dictate placing her child with somebody else to raise and instead dismisses her as unnatural. As Adam Pertman, executive director of the Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute explained to me, "Our society has lifted much of the stigma of single motherhood, but still finds it difficult to support a woman who is, as they see it, abandoning her child. These women are told: 'How can you possibly give up your child? What kind of person could do that?' So while adoption is listed as viable option, it's a choice that's rarely made." Indeed, the number of newborn babies available for adoption has remained flat for almost two decades while the number of unmarried women having children has soared.

What if we stopped pretending we lived in a world where the traditional nuclear family is the norm and accepted birth mothers into the fold of family life? We've certainly managed to do that in the world of reproductive medicine where we welcome offspring as biological even if the child was the product of donated sperm and egg. And we've somehow managed to accept a bewildering array of familial choices from multiple stepparents, two moms, or a single grandparent. But, thanks to society's misgivings and misconceptions about adoption, birth mothers are damned if they do and damned if they don't. By indicating that placing a child for adoption is a selfish or painless choice when it's not, or talking about birth mothers as if they were all crack-addled prostitutes or at the very least wayward youth, we not only limit a woman's right to choose but also shut out the possibility that there are other people out there who would love to adopt. Why not try respecting these women as mothers able to make the best decision for themselves and their pregnancies—even if that decision is not to parent?

To view article: http://www.newsweek.com/id/238276

Friday, May 14, 2010

The 411 on the Adoption Education

As the Adoption Education Board member, I figure if I am confused, then others might be too! So...here is a little information about Adoption Education for current adoptive applicants of the Western WA FSA Chapter:

A minimum of 10 hours of Adoption Education are required for new applicants (anyone applying after January 1, 2010). All approved applicants are encouraged to get as much Adoption Education as possible.
• Prospective birth parents will be informed regarding the amount of Adoption Education attended by prospective adoptive couples.
• The LDS Family Services (LDSFS) Western WA Office has established 5 Adoption Education classes which are required for all new applicants.
These classes will be held monthly as well as at other various times during the year. (Currently, on the 3rd Thursday of the month in the Renton LDSFS office at 7pm (lasting 60-90 minutes). Additional opportunities to attend these classes will be set up as needed. Currently, they are scheduled in Oregon (on Saturday, June 19th, 2010, 10am -3pm) and will also be held in Renton on (Saturday, August 21, 10am-4pm).  The Class Outline can be found under the Education tab found at the top of this page.
• Additionally, all applicants are required to attend a birth parent panel or birth parent interactive event (such as scheduling to meet with a birth parent for personal feedback on your profile).
• Beyond the 5 office sponsored courses and a birth parent panel or event, Adoption Education hours (for a minimum total of 10) can be obtained through FSA sponsored Adoption Education events and/or the Regional FSA Conference (which will be held in WA this November) or National FSA Conferences (in Utah annually – July 30-31, 2010) and/or outside Adoption Education (such as classes sponsored by the State Division of Health and Human Services (or other reputable agency).

Hopefully the above information helps to answer any questions you may have regarding Adoption Education requirements and opportunities for our chapter. The Western WA FSA Chapter Blog (http://www.fsawa.blogspot.com) and the Western WA Office Blog (http://adoptionhub.blogspot.com) will post Adoption Education opportunities regularly. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact a member of the LDSFS Office Adoption Team (listed on the right side bar of this blog).
I look forward to meeting more of you as we journey together through the maze and blessings of adoption.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Adoption Education and Outreach

The next few posts that will be coming in are about Adoption Education and Outreach, so be sure to continue to check back often!  We will be posting information such as
  • FAQ's about education hours
  • A schedule of educational opportunities
  • High School Outreach Programs that LDSFS and FSA are working on getting started
So please feel free to post your questions in the comment section!  Thank you Larissa, our FSA Education chair, for your information and hard work!  For additional information check out LDSFS blog: http://adoptionhub.blogspot.com/

Monday, May 10, 2010

Girls Night Out and Birth Mothers Day Success!

A special thanks to those who attended Girls Night Out and created amazing earrings for our local birth moms. It was a great night and well deserved brunch! Thanks for donating food and your talent!

If you were unable to attend here are some pictures of all the fun you missed out on!

Pam and Larissa setting the tables
Jen, Cassie, Jillian, and Amy working away at the earrings
JayLynn setting up the food area

Many are missing, but the gang at the end of the event with the finished product.
Pam, Larissa, Julianna, Cassie, Denise and Jen (missing are Tara, Bonnie, Amy, and Jillian)

We sure missed having you there and hope that you will be able to get out to our next event: Summer Picnic coming up in July.  Check back in the future for more details.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A new link

Tawnia has a blog for the LDSFS office in Renton and wanted me to share the link with all of you.  I have added it to the sidebar for quick and easy reference. Go check it out!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girls Night Out Invitation

Everyone should have recieved this in an email but here it is as well. Just click on it to enlarge it so you can read it better.  PLEASE email or call me (360-464-5887 / julianna_mortensen@yahoo.com) and let me know what you can do to help this pull together!  Adoption wouldn't be possible without our WONDERFUL Birthmothers so lets pull together and give them a brunch they will never forget!
Thank you for your help!

Friday, April 9, 2010

We are linked to Facebook!

Ok I have got us linked to Facebook!  If you click the share button in the top right hand corner of the blog it will post a link on your profile to the blog.  If you click the Join our Group botton in the bottom left corner of the blog it will link you to the FSA group and give you the chance to join the group. The only catch is that you have to be logged into facebook before clicking the "join our group button"... So just hit the share button first and log on, then hit the join our group button! Wala!!!  I am sure there is an easier way to do this but for now, it works! Enjoy!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Face Lift

Well Hello everyone! This is Julianna and I have been asked to take over the FSA WA AK blog. I am starting out with a couple of things; first off I am giving the blog a face lift and need your help.

1- Do you have a website for your family? Would you like it linked to our blog? If so I need the address. Feel free to just post it as a comment to this post. I will take that address, link it to the blog and create a cute little link button like the ones you see to the right, so that all we have do to see your site is click your button.

2- Do you have an article, information, website, info, or anything to add to the blog? I am wanting to utilize the blog to not only inform everyone about upcoming activities, adoption opportunities, pertinent information to LDSFS, but also to educate about all aspects of adoption. Anything you have to contribute please email it to me at julianna_mortensen@yahoo.com

Once the face life is complete I am hoping to keep the blog updated on a monthly basis, at least, with upcoming dates and activities, opportunities, reminders, new adoption information and so forth... so make it a point to visit back regularly!


Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 Families Supporting Adoption National Conference

Are you thinking of attending the Annual 2010 FSA National Conference in Utah? It is always a fabulous event and a great way to add to your required adoption training hours.

This year it will be held on Friday, July 30, 2010 at 9:00am through Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 5:00pm in the Davis Conference Center (1651 North 700 West, Layton, UT 84041).

Here is a little blurb from the National FSA Facebook page:

We are very excited to announce a new addition to our National Conference. This year we are inviting individuals (including children) to submit art work that represents some aspect of adoption. We will be displaying the pieces at the conference. There will be more information to come. Please start spreading the word.