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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Labor Day Camping Details

Are you free Labor Day weekend?  Do you love to camp? If you answered yes to these questions PLEASE come join us at the church owned ZIONS campground in Belfair for a SUPER fun weekend! Here are the Details...

When: Friday September 3rd through Monday September 6th
Who is invited: All adoptive applicants and families.  Birth parents are having their own retreat at ZIONS the following weekend.
Cost: It is only $5 a person per night and kids under 3 are free.  This includes a campsite for your family and dinner for the FSA Dinner and presentation friday night.  The rest of the weekend you will be incharge of your own food.  There is running water (flushing toilets, wash sinks and showers) however showers cost 50 cents each and can be bought at check in. 
What is there to do: Everything at ZIONS is free, and here is a list of fun things they have to do...
-canoeing, paddle boats and row boats
-swimming in the lake
-large field for sports
-HUGE tree house, and play equiptment including a ROPE swing and obsticle course
-fishing (no licence required, just bring your own tackle box)
-archery and horse shoes
-nature walks
RSVP deadline:  I have reserved 8 tent sites and need to let them know by August 1st if we are using them all or not with out being penalized.  So if you want to come you MUST contact me (julianna_mortensen@yahoo.com) AND pay me (put a check in the mail made to Julianna Mortensen) before August 1st.  If I do not have your money I won't save your spot.
Additional information:
-When you email me I will put a packet of rules and directions and other information in the mail to you and remind you about the payment.  I will call and check with you by July 25th if I haven't heard back from you.  In this packet there are some forms I need you to sign and bring with you to turn in at check in. 
-Friday night we will be having an FSA sponsered Dinner, camp fire and education presentation that will count towards your education credit.  The rest of the weekend, no matter how long you want to stay, will be yours to do as you please.
-The camp sites are all located together so while they are private for your family our FSA group will be together for easy socializing. 
-There is a walmart no more then 30 minutes away incase you forget something or run out of ice.
-Befair does have a branch that meets sunday morning, if you are staying over sunday and would like more information on that just ask when you check in.  All lake activities are closed for the Sabath as well as the office.
-You get one arm load of firewood a day for free.  Each additional arm load does cost a small amount, but you are welcome to bring your own wood as well.
-If you have any further questions just ask!

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LP said...

This looks awesome! Thanks for all you are doing. I hope we can be there.