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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Meet Brian and Chriss Butt - Who Are New to Our Area and Super Jazzed about Adoption!

Allow me (Tawnia) to introduce a new couple to our FSA group.  Brian and Chriss Butt recently moved to Washington from Utah with their son they adopted through Premier Adoption Agency. Here is what Chriss had to say about their adoption experience:

We started with LDS Family Services and actively waited a year and a half with no contact from expectant mothers. We were doing everything the agency suggested we do to spread our news we had our blog, our pass-along cards and talked to everyone we knew about our desire to adopt and if they would pass our information on to anyone they knew.  We had been to a workshop through Families Supporting Adoption about other agencies and foster care, we learned about Premier from some other couples that had been placed through them. After much prayer, we felt that our child would come to us through Premier.

Some of the things that we really liked about Premier were that they only work with a max of 40 adoptive couples at a time. When I called them they said they have been nowhere near this number in several years. We liked that they had full-time employees; we were always able to work with the same person. Most of all we liked that they had a sliding scale based off of income and not the race of the child as all the other agencies we had looked into did.

When you are presented with a situation they give you the medical and social history information and you know up front what, if any additional costs may be. This agency doesn’t move the expectant mothers to different States, so you would be dealing with ICPC, but the majority of expectant mothers medical expenses are covered by Medicare.  

We had our application in with them for two weeks when we were contacted about a situation, and two months before we were matched! We have a great semi-open adoption with our son’s birth parents and got to be there for the birth of our son in August. So far in 2012, they have had 28 placements, in the last two years we personally know of seven families that have been placed with them. They accept LDS FS homestudies and you can be with both agencies at the same time. LDS FS doesn’t release portions of the homestudy so you do have to get new originals for the background checks, reference letters, and medical forms.
If you have any questions about Premier you can check them out online at http://www.premieradoption.org/
Or feel free to contact us at: Brianandchrissadopting@gmail.com

We look forward to getting to know more of you and supporting adoption.

Brian and Chriss

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