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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Advocate for Adoption and call your State Rep today!

Please call your Washington D.C. Representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor and support this bill — H.R. 4373: MAKING ADOPTION AFFORDABLE ACT

This Act will be the new way to get adoption credit. Each year tax credit ends unless someone takes action. This bill is asking for $12,650.00 tax credit. It is likely in your best interest to make the call. Even better if you encourage others to also make the call.

Click HERE to find your representative by entering your zip code.

Thank you for your support of Adoption!!

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Lisita said...

Thanks for posting this. The link takes you to Jay Inslee's contact info and he retired in March. For Washington state you can contact:

*Patty Murray - 206.553.5545
*Maria Cantwell - 206.220.6400

I hope everyone will take the time to do this so that adoption can remain affordable!!